Professional Couple, Family & Individual Counselling in Eganville

Our priority at Trinity Down Counselling Services is to give our clients the coping mechanisms they need to deal with the ups and downs of life. That’s why clients with limited financial needs are charged according to their ‘‘ability to pay.’’ We partner with Employee Assistance Programs, which means we may be able to provide up to eight free sessions on each issue.

Individual & Couples Therapy
Being experienced in couples and relationships counselling, we help people make positive changes in their lives and in the lives of others. Above all, we look at an individual’s personal issues and how they make an impact on their relationships. In this way, we help them resolve their core problem which may, in turn, help them live healthier lives. Call us now and find out more about our counselling services.

As the family is one of the most important types of shared relationships—and one of the most complex—family counselling is also offered at Trinity Down Counselling Services.

Our Counselling Philosophy
Psychotherapy is essentially a conversation between a client and a therapist in which a problem is examined in its complexity and a solution sought.

At Trinity Down Counselling Services:
  • We are compassionate and non-judgmental.
  • Your privacy and confidentiality are respected.
  • Every person is unique.
  • We do not promise unrealistic results.
  • The therapeutic conversation is a collaborative one in which we work together to meet your goals.
  • We draw from a range of therapeutic techniques depending on your needs.

The resources for growth, change, coping with and resolving life's problems, are found within the person. We can help you discover these resources.

Our Counselling Services:

Individual Therapy
For individuals, we can help you understand and cope with issues relating to:
Self Esteem
Post-Traumatic Stress Prevention
Stress Management
Disordered Eating
Trauma Disorders

Direct Billing
Direct billing is available for those with Blue Cross Insurance.
Couples/Relationships Therapy
Communication Skills
Separation and Divorce
Coping with Affairs
Marriage Counselling
Marriage Enhancement
Relationship Problems

Family Therapy
Single Parenthood
Military Members, Veterans & Families
(Blue Cross, CFMAP)
Effective Communication
Family Counselling